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Meandering 2021

Meandering is a short film (10:02) exploring the change of the Winooski River in Vermont USA. Computer generated imagery and audio field recording create a digital map of the river from 1900 until now.


This river once sustained the thriving Native American Abenaki people, and was key in social movement between groups throughout the Lake Champlain water basin. Since colonization of that land, it has become intertwined with electrical, gas, roads, and private ownerships.


The making of the short film was based on digitizing maps and archiving them. That process gave the ability to recreate different states of the river through time. Using different audio from locations on the river injected the physical life of the inhabitants, human or not.


The 3 dimensional map is a relatively new form of exploring. The explorer does not need to go anywhere anymore. But what is the difference between the physical explorer and the paper or computer explorer? Is there any? Physically walking in a new land and occupying, taking it over, and changing it according to human needs; from faint footsteps to clicks of a keyboard, there are problematic outcomes to both.

Has recently been shown as part of the Goethe Institute of Chicago's Chemical [Re]Actions film series. Link here.

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